Audrey Vézina

aka Velox

President and certified translator

Her strengths: efficiency, enthusiasm, reliability.

A natural born manager, Velox truly shines when her inbox is flooded with translation requests. Answering emails in the blink of an eye, she gets her team of superheroines on the job and revises their work before final delivery.

Véronique Duguay

aka Diligenz

Main collaborator and certified translator

Her strengths: research, rigour, style.

As her name suggests, Diligenz isn’t one to cut corners. This expert researcher will scour every source until she finds le mot juste, producing spot-on translations every time.

At Fusion Traductions we’re backed by a team of experienced freelance translators who help us complete our mandates as the need arises. These translation superheroines, carefully selected for their expertise and attention to detail, have more than one superpower up their sleeve! Working behind the scenes, they’re always happy to take on a new mission!